Most Advantia members don’t have their own warehouse.

There are many benefits to operating a stockless business, and we believe we have the warehousing and logistics solutions to ensure a first class service to your

No stock means:

  • Overheads are vastly reduced
  • Enhanced bottom line profits
  • Cash is not tied up in stock
  • No stock management
  • No stock obsolescence
  • No stock pilferage
  • No stock take
  • No vans, no maintenance, no insurance claims
  • No van drivers, no holiday pay, no sick pay

Advantia members who had warehouses have converted them into showrooms, additional office space, sold them or use them to store profitable bespoke products for customers or diversify into specialist new sectors such as chemicals or embroidery machines.

If an Advantia member needs a warehouse for a particular project or customer we can facilitate this with a third party warehousing partner. Which means our
members don’t have the capital expenditure or staffing responsibilities.

Every time a product is handled this adds cost. Dealers need to change and do things differently in order to compete with on-line resellers and new competitors. Please talk to us about your business and your plans for the future. Take a look at what our members say on our case studies page and testimonials page.