Our marketing team does so much more to help our members generate sales. 

Marketing activity is all about generating sales leads and converting sales.  At
Advantia we produce all the marketing tools you would expect, but we take the role of marketing beyond catalogues and flyers.

Our diversification product strategy means that we are always launching new product ranges from existing and new suppliers via Merlin Marketplace.  So on an on-going basis our marketers are providing marketing solutions that help our members’ sales teams get ready to sell new products and services with confidence.

Advantia Catalogue
Product Sheet

Members’ sales teams sell with confidence

When we launch a brand new product range or service we create a comprehensive information and selling pack for sales teams to use with their customers.  This will encompass everything from frequently asked questions to suggested pricing structures and even templated contracts that each member can personalise.


  • Marketing portal, order or download and personalise printed and electronic marketing
  • Wide range of marketing publications and tools
  • Access to image library
  • Unique Advantia catalogue. We choose the products, design and print exclusively for our members
  • Advice and training on social media
  • Sales academy