Failing to use IT and adapt to changing buyer behaviour is the biggest threat to dealer survival.

On behalf of our members it is our job to look to the future, identify threats and trends and create solutions for our members that enable them to take cost out of the supply chain, increase profitability and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Having identified the threats of on-line retailers and the changes in consumer buyer behaviour we have implemented a purchasing and logistics model and data and e-commerce initiatives that enables our members to thrive in a complex and changing business environment.

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Sell More with Less Effort.

Merlin Marketplace is an innovative B2B and B2C e-commerce platform designed exclusively for Advantia members to sell the latest products from multiple suppliers.


  • Members brand and brand colour scheme
  • Developed to work with members’ existing processes
  • High quality e-commerce storefronts, stand alone or link from your existing website
  • Centrally managed ecommerce product content – optimised for the major search engines and dealer back office systems
  • Dedicated Advantia personnel to hand-hold members through implementation
  • Longevity – we are major shareholders in the software development company, Comgem, who built Merlin Marketplace and will continue to develop the platform for Advantia

Correct and timely data is so vital that we manage our own data in-house.

Up to date and correct data is the key to running a successful business, whether you are a dealer, dealer group, supplier or wholesaler. Because data is so vital, we manage our own data with our own in-house data team. We have extremely high standards and have never found external data that measures up to our quality requirements.

What makes us different is that our data team work along-side our marketing team, because our members use our data to sell. Our data team consider what information a customer needs to buy a product, either from a catalogue page or on-line and ensures every piece of information the customer needs to make a buying decision is presented at the point of purchase, making it more likely for them to click ‘buy now’.

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