Advantia Take Immediate Action Over the Covid-19 Situation



Dealer group Advantia are taking immediate action to support their members during this difficult and challenging time. They pledge to be there for both their members and staff every step of the way.

Advantia know that they need to be quick to respond to the ever-changing situation that Covid-19 is presenting. This is their primary focus for the foreseeable future. So, what have Advantia done so far?

One of the first steps was to set up a dedicated page on their Community portal. This contains all the latest news, information and updates members may require. It includes relevant links to Government and ACAS websites, HR advice, templates for Covid-19 policy documents, risk assessments, Q & A’s and lots more. Recently added has been supplier feeds providing updates from all main product and service suppliers including carriers. The Community portal is mobile friendly therefore available to members wherever they are 24/7.

Advantia are in daily contact with key personnel at their partner wholesaler Spicers, to make sure they always provide the latest updates on deliveries, warehousing, stock and service, everything that could have a direct result on members customers.

In addition, Advantia staff are calling all members frequently to make sure they know what the latest position is and where to go to find further information on the portal. There is also the opportunity for members to raise issues with a guarantee that Advantia will do everything they can to provide a resolution.

The group have produced a suite of digital assets from home delivery capabilities to product e-shots for technology, stationery, furniture, computer accessories and one planned for education, all to support businesses who have employees working from home and all products available on a next day delivery.

Advantia have appointed Steve Carter as their new Managing Director. Steve will be the figurehead to lead both the group and its members through this challenging period and beyond. Steve has over 30 years’ experience in the industry working in both dealership and wholesaler environments and therefore has a great understanding of the needs of a dealer.

Steve Carter, Advantia MD comments “It is imperative that we are there for our members during these uncertain times. We have the right infrastructure in place with our Community, Cube and Gateway platforms to be able to deliver key information and materials that really make a difference. This has already been proved by the sheer amount of support tools we have provided to the group in a few short days. This will of course only be increased further as time goes on”. He added, “If there are any independent companies out there that are struggling, please get in touch as it is imperative we stick together during tough times to enjoy the competition in the good times. We will be happy to provide whatever support and advice we can, please talk to us”.

By Laura at 20 Mar 2020, 13:07 PM