Advantia team-building day proves a success

On Friday 27th July the Advantia Head Office Team headed off to Coventry for a Team Building Day to remember. The motley crew arrived with slight trepidation about what lay ahead, would the new team dynamics work? What would they be expected to do? Would the team be able to do it?  Would they still be a team at the end of the day?

All fears were quickly quelled when Tracey Willmott from Monkey’s to Manage greeted them and outlined what was to come – a fun filled day that would teach the team not only about themselves, but about their behaviour, about the impact that behaviour had on others and most importantly how to work with different behavioural types to get the most from the team.

The day started with an ice-breaker where each of the team said a little about themselves and also had to share a fact about themselves that no-one knew. It was discovered that several people had famous relatives, one used to be a ladies footballer and one had recently stolen a traffic cone!

The group were then split into two teams and were given the challenge to build a construction from balloons that would hold one member of the team for 30 seconds. After much hilarity, several burst balloons and many metres of tape, both team successfully completed the challenge. This is something that rarely happens – Well Done Advantia Team!

The remainder of the session was spent looking at individual profiles, where they sat within the team and identifying the typical behaviour of that profile. This was fairly easy and comfortable to do, the difficulty came when highlighting how other individuals saw that behaviour and how they identified with it. This was all done in a very practical and light hearted manor however it also made individuals think about the impact they had on others. This further led to everyone agreeing individual actions to take away from the session that would help not only the individual but also the team.

Beck Miller, Operations Director states ‘It was a great day, enjoyed by all. It consisted of 90% practical activity and only about 10% theory, but the results it has delivered and the differences it has made to an already strong team have been noticeable’.

The team are looking forward to their follow-up session in October where they are confident they will be able to demonstrate the positive impact the day had and the measurable difference it has made. If anyone is looking to hold a fun filled team building day with a difference, we would highly recommend Tracey Willmott from Monkey’s to Manage.

By Sue at 22 Aug 2018, 10:05 AM