Advantia Is ISO Compliant

Following a rigorous external audit Advantia Business Solutions has retained their ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard for another year after demonstrating diligent adherence to both Standards.

Advantia has held ISO 9001 for 7 years and ISO 14001 for 8 years.  “We are delighted that we have again passed both of these audits with flying colours.” Said Advantia’s Operations Director, Beck Miller.

“Every time we have the annual audits we have to explain what a Dealer Group does as we don’t exactly have a business model that the auditors are familiar with,” she continued.  “Every year between each audit we make changes to our systems and procedures because the needs of our members are constantly changing and we are always enhancing the range of services we provide to them.  For example, the launch of our Merlin Marketplace e-commerce platform is a major new service that is now available for our members.”

The auditor spent a day on each ISO Standard looking for evidence that the management system has been adhered to and is compliant with the relevant standard.  Advantia’s team is dedicated to providing a quality service to their members in an environmentally sustainable way and by having these two ISO Standards for so long demonstrates their long-term commitment to this policy.


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By Laura at 9 Jun 2017, 16:11 PM