Advantia Members To Have Unique & Exclusive Catalogue for 2017

Advantia Members To Have Unique & Exclusive Catalogue for 2017

Advantia members will have a competitive advantage and stand out from the rest of the industry in 2017 because they will have their own business supplies catalogue that is produced in-house by Advantia exclusively for them.

Working with the members that form their marketing committee and the Board of Directors, Advantia has reviewed the purpose, aims and objectives of their catalogue in the context of the expectations of the business buyer in 2017.

The result of this review is that Advantia has taken total control of their 2017 catalogue and it will be produced by multi-award winning catalogue specialists EC2i based in Essex.  This means that the product content will be decided by Advantia in the best interests of their members’ profitability.  It will have strong marketing messages that direct buyers to the many thousands of products that are available on-line through their members’ current E-commerce websites or Advantia’s MERLIN Marketplace E-commerce platform.

“Bringing the production of our catalogue back in-house is just one aspect of our wider strategy which incorporates us managing our own data and the launch of our MERLIN Marketplace E-commerce platform.  We will be using the data we collect, collate, review and refine to not only drive MERLIN Marketplace, but the same data will create our catalogue.  We will be able to ensure the highest standard of data and information consistency in the business supplies industry.” Says Rebecca Miller, Operations Director at Advantia.

The 2017 catalogue will have a unique combination of page design, a simplified matrix pricing system and product information that will enable customers to buy off the page or be directed to a much larger range of products that are available on-line.

“Consumer buyer behaviour has changed,” Continued Rebecca Miller.  “People expect a product range that is vastly larger than can be shown in a hard copy catalogue, they also expect more information than can be displayed in a catalogue.  Therefore, our new catalogue for 2017 will feature best-selling products and, with very few exceptions, everything in the catalogue will be available for next day delivery.  There will be a lot of information and calls to action to get buyers to find more of what they want on our members’ E-commerce websites.”

The Advantia catalogue will contain Banner branded products that are only available to Banner and Advantia.  It will contain brands and products that are exclusive to EVO and in every section a series of graphic pages demonstrating the breadth and depth of range of non-wholesaler stocked products available on-line.

“Because we now manage our own data we are spending a lot of time and effort to enhance the data supplied by EVO and suppliers.  For example we are making sure that where a product indicates it is environmentally friendly, we are putting in the description why this is.  The transition from traditional catalogues to E-commerce as a dealer’s main selling tool is starting to happen, and we intend for Advantia members to stay ahead of this curve.” Concludes Rebecca Miller.


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