Work Experience Success For Schoolboy At Advantia Head Office

Work Experience Success For Schoolboy At Advantia Head Office.

Advantia Business Solutions is a strong supporter of business working with schools to prepare young people for the world of work and recently welcomed a 16 year old schoolboy into their graphic design department at their Nuneaton head office.  He impressed them so much that it is very likely that he will be working for them during his summer holiday.

Matt Coleman is from Kenilworth School and is starting a Visual Communications course at a local college in September.  Matt was looking for work experience in a graphic design environment and during his work experience he engaged with the whole team under the guidance of Advantia’s Designer, Laura Sweet.

“I remember doing work experience,” Says Laura Sweet, Advantia’s Designer.  “I remember how I felt going into an office for the first time, so I took this into account when I was showing him what I do and how he could help us.”

Matt shadowed Laura for the first day, then he worked on real projects including sourcing images and editing them in Photoshop.  He also worked on images that will be used in Advantia’s unique 2017 catalogue and comprehensive range of marketing publications.

“We were really impressed,” Continued Laura.  “At school Matt had learned how to use Photoshop so he was a real help, he even showed me a thing or two!  If he didn’t know how to do something he would ask, which was great and it was good for him to know that he was doing real work that we will use.”

This was the first time that Laura had someone reporting to her, so Advantia also saw this as a personal development opportunity for her.

Matt made an excellent impression on the whole team and was a great ambassador for his school. “Enhancing, manipulating and cutting out images is an ongoing task for our team as we strive to make our MERLIN Marketplace e-commerce system best in class.” Said Laura, “Matt did such a good job that we have promised him that if we need an extra pair of hands we will give him a summer job.” Concluded Laura Sweet.

Advantia’s head office team take their corporate social responsibilities very seriously and when the opportunity arises when they can help someone in their local community they relish the chance to do this.


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By Laura at 6 Jul 2016, 14:30 PM