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Preparing your workplace for the New Year: 5 Top Tips

By Laura at 13 Dec 2017

It’s that time of year where focusing on anything other than Christmas can be difficult. However, whilst you’re winding down for the year and counting down the days to your festive break, there’s another important thing you should be thinking about – a plan for 2018.


10 Tips to prevent a fire in the workplace

By Laura at 9 Oct 2017

It’s Fire Safety Week (8-14th October) and while the focus is mainly on preventing residential fires, it is also a good time to consider workplace fire safety and prevention. The UK’s fire and rescue service attended 161,000 fires in 2016-17. On average, 16,000 of those were recorded as being in non-residential buildings - the majority of which were workplaces.


So, just what's in a rebrand?

By Steve Harrop at 29 Sep 2017

There are a number of good reasons for rebranding of a business and with the changes we're introducing to our strategic model over the next 12-18 months that involve stakeholders of all types - members, suppliers and the internal team - we feel it's the time to look at the identity of Advantia and clarify its direction. Here's the thinking behind what you see in a subtle but impactful change in brand image.


Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle: Everyday items you would not think can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way

By Laura at 27 Sep 2017

Many of us are guilty of throwing things away with our general rubbish without checking first to see if there is a more eco-efficient process we can stick to. When people think of recycling, it is often we just think of plastic, paper and glass.


Become more environmentally friendly with these 8 tips

By Laura at 22 Sep 2017

There are a surprising amount of people, businesses and communities that would like to do more to conserve and protect our natural resources, but they don’t know where to begin with becoming more environmentally friendly.


Four tips for making the most of a sit-stand desk

By Laura at 8 Sep 2017

Sit-stand desks are becoming a more common sight in workplaces across the country. Whether you’re already using one or are looking at the options for making your workstation stand up-friendly, here are four pieces of advice designed to get the most from any sit-stand desk:


Equipping a home office: 6 tips

By Laura at 22 Aug 2017

Here are 6 tips for equipping a home office


An Interview With Steve Harrop: Why Dealers Must Put Customers First

By Laura at 8 Aug 2017

Steve Harrop tells us why dealers must put customers first if they are to survive and thrive over the coming months and years.


Top 7 office recycling tips that will obliterate your waste

By Laura at 28 Jul 2017

Did you know a typical office of 100 people produces on average 20 bags of waste a week? This fills one 1,100L waste bin a week, equivalent to filling fifty 1,100L waste bins a year! Over 90% of this office waste can be recycled, but the idea of recycling is often overlooked by many people.


Six safety wear basics

By Laura at 28 Jul 2017

Making sure people are equipped and dressed to do their work safely and healthily should be common sense, but it’s also required by law.

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