Is your desk a mess? Here are 8 tips to help keep your desk clean and organised

We are all guilty of having an unorganised desk at some point in our working lives. However, some of us continually tell ourselves we’ll organise and clean our space without actually doing it for a long length of time. These 8 tips offer some suggestions on how you can get reorganised and in to a routine you’ll retain:

1. Designated “Desk-Inbox” – We all have emails flying into our inboxes every day, and once they do, we file them in their appropriate place on our devices. This should be the same for any loose papers you get throughout the day too. It is advised to have a designated spot on your desk where these papers go to avoid a messy desk.

2. Bin it – One thing that should always be in reach to your desk is a bin! We all throw away papers, food wrappers, and un-wanted mail whilst at work, and you don’t want this sort of rubbish hanging around on your desk. Having a bin next to you ensures all unwanted things get binned.

3. Minimise paper usage – Everyone loves a sticky note or loose bits of paper to write down quick reminders. Although, this creates piles and piles of loose papers on your desk that you could easily lose or misplace. If you don’t need something in hard copy, one tip is to perhaps use a note app that can be found on laptops where you can type your reminders rather than hand-write them. You can easily reduce the number of paper reports or memos you physically have too by stopping it coming to your desk.

4. De-clutter – Ask yourself if you really need all those office accessories laying all over your desk. Unless you use them daily, they can easily be stored away in a drawer or box near your desk. Of course, you don’t have to go to the extreme of creating a super-clean workspace, but if you are not using it, move it off your desk.

5. Clean regularly – Whilst some offices get cleaned weekly by a hired cleaner, some offices don’t. Leaving your desk to be cleaned once a month can be very time-consuming because it’s rarely done. Therefore, if you start cleaning it weekly, you will find it only takes a few moments.

6. Throw it out – A lot of us tend to keep unnecessary bits of papers that are on our desk. If it is something you haven’t looked at or used in over a month, you should probably throw it out. If you truly need the bits of paper, make sure you have a filing system to store it in until you need it.

7. Scan it – There is a scanner in your office for a reason – to be used! Perhaps you can clear that paper clutter or those important reminders by scanning them into a PDF or Word Document that can be filed on your computer.

8. Clean before you leave – One thing that is key to an organised desk is to put things in an orderly manner that looks tidy before you leave for the day. This brings closure to your work day and sets you up for a clean start tomorrow.

By Laura at 27 Apr 2018, 11:50 AM