Easy ways to stay cool this summer


With the heat on the way all of us will be looking for ways to stay cool at home and in the office. It’s definitely possible to enjoy the nice summer weather without having to deal with overheating, but you’ll need to be prepared with a few tips and tricks. Don’t let the heat get you down!

5 tips to keep cool:

1. Fans a perfect for small spaces like office desks. Prop one up next to your office computer, and the only time you’ll need to worry about the heat is whenever you get up from your desk. They also provide a nice night-time breeze so position one near your bed to avoid overheating at night.

2. Keep hydrated. This may sound a bit obvious but a lot of people tend to forget to hydrate, especially when sat at your desk all day. Put a water bottle in the freezer overnight and have a supply of ice cold water throughout the day.

3. Cut out the coffee – say what?! Hot drinks don’t necessarily mean your body will feel hotter but the caffeine in tea and coffee increase heart rate and blood flow, causing your temperature to rise.

4. Avoid a big lunch. Eating big portions means your metabolism must work harder to digest. This can increase your bodies’ temperature. So stick to small meals when possible.

5. Keep the blinds closed. Although not everyone enjoys working by artificial light, keeping the blinds closed can keep the room cooler.

By Laura at 18 Apr 2018, 16:41 PM