12 Tips to Being Happy at Work

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Work is a part of everyone’s lives at some point, and as much as we would prefer to be lying on a sunny beach in the Caribbean, we must earn our money somehow. Being happy at work is another thing because we can’t always be satisfied with what we do – it’s just human nature! Although, there are a few ways that we could brighten up our own days up whilst at work.

Try these 12 proven tactics that will make a difference:

1. Have a Sense of Meaning

It has been proven that employees who know how their work has a meaningful and positive impact on others are not just happier than those who don’t, but they are also much more productive too. No matter the size of the goal, whether you’re helping a colleague in the office or whether you’re saving lives in a hospital; having a sense of meaning can contribute to happiness in the workplace.

2. Smile

Something as simple as smiling can improve your happiness at work because it tells your brain to be happier. Smiling is also contagious and will make your co-workers smile as well.

3. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

A good diet and keeping hydrated are keys things to maintaining a high level of energy and attitude.

Instead of hitting the vending machine for lunch, have meals that involve healthier foods. Keeping your blood sugar within a normal range will stop headaches and fatigue, as well as help you concentrate better.

4. Move Around

As much as many of us forget to get up and move around in our busy working lives, sitting all day and working on a computer can lead to health concerns.

Moving around throughout the workday has many beneficial effects, even if you already do exercise outside of work. Whether it’s finding the time to walk around the office or going out for a walk at lunch, exercise will make you feel better and put you in a better place for the working day.

5. Decorate your space

You spend so much time at work, and one way to improve your happiness is to brighten up the space around you (if possible!). This is where your creativity can spark to make yourself comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office. Of course, there is a limit on how decorative you can be with every office having different rules, but the little things can really make a difference – such as a photo of a pet, or adding colour to your notice-board.

6. Find a Work Best Friend

Having friends at work straight away builds a bond that is needed to increase happiness. It can create a sense of support and loyalty to which you can go use to brighten up your day. At the end of the day, you are with your colleagues for the majority of the week, and knowing you can openly talk to them will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

7. Say 'Thank You'

Saying something as simple as ‘Thank-You’ does wonders for the workplace, and even in life in general. Receiving expressions of gratitude makes us feel a heightened sense of self-worth and triggers a motivated attitude to doing the same task again.

8. Be Future Oriented

Having long-term plans and goals is something advised by anyone who enjoys their work. Not only does this create more success for you, but it also gives you something to aspire towards on a daily basis. You’ll make better decisions and be more satisfied with your results if you know you’re hitting your own targets and making improvements.

9. Get Organised

One thing you don’t want when working is the additional stress of clutter, loose papers and lever arch files hanging around your desk making it difficult to do your job. Having an organised workplace will help you be better prepared throughout the day, whilst also taking away the stress, resulting in an all-round stress-free environment.

10. Don't Multitask

Many of us thrive with our workload when multi-tasking, although some of us struggle. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the amount you’re trying to juggle, focus on one task at a time. Writing up a simple checklist and sticking to it is something advised to avoid stressing yourself out and going into complete meltdown. Multitasking has been known to waste more time than it actually saves, and it also decreases concentration and creativity.

11. Take a Breather

We all need to take a breather from our demanding tasks sometimes, especially if we are constantly working from week to week. It has been proven that we won’t be creative, competent or cheerful in stressful times, leaving the possibility of job dissatisfaction. Employees need to take time off to recharge, and taking a vacation not only relives stress, it can also improve our overall health making us more productive at work.

12. Reward Yourself

After a long day at work where you’ve completed several mind-boggling tasks, the last thing you want to do is go straight back into work the next day and do it all again without any sense of self-recognition.

Whether it’s going out to dinner, buying yourself something, or simply giving yourself a pat on the back; you should find the time to reward yourself after you’ve completed a project. This will not only give you the motivation to head straight into another project, but it’ll make you recognise the work you do and make you enjoy what you do.

By Laura at 26 Apr 2018, 16:00 PM